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The Designs

I enjoy playing with symbols and motifs which have secondary meanings so that the work can be read on several different levels – rainbows are a familiar and instantly recognisable image to everyone but in church windows they also represent God’s promise to mankind of His everlasting love (Genesis 9:8-17). You don’t have to know this to enjoy looking at the window but if  you do know it the whole thing becomes more meaningful.

Techniques and Materials

I use antique glass from France, Germany and Poland, but I prefer English Antique Glass due to its added sparkle and increasingly interesting range of streaky colours. Machine made glass may be used where appropriate, and decorative inserts such as bevels, nuggets, lenses and various “found” glass add interest to plainer designs. The glass is etched, painted, stained and fired as required before being leaded in the traditional English manner.

I carry out all the stages of the work myself because then I can make creative decisions about every step, rather than simply making the drawings and then handing over the work for someone else to complete to a pre-determined formula.

When and Where

I design and make work for many locations but predominantly for churches. I repair and restore damaged windows, as well as teaching night classes for the local authority and running occasional workshops for groups and organisations who would like them.